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HOW TO: Use RSS and uTorrent to automaticaly download TV shows.

First download uTorrent, in my opinion the best torrent client out there. Its compact, has a low memory footprint and most importantly has a built in RSS reader.

So once you have uTorrent installed open it and select the RSS button.

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Then press the "add" button and add this url:
Like so:

Now you need to tell the reader which torrents you want to download. For example Heroes torrents. So click on the favorites tab and In the filter section write in the name of the TV show. You can use * as a wild-card. You can also tell uTorrent where to save it and what quality torrent (SD HDTV HR.HDTV etc), as well as what episode numbers you want. Its also good to set a minimum interval of say 4 days so you don't download any duplicates of the same show. It should look like this:

Once every thing is filled in and you are satisfied, click close. And your uTorrent is now armed to download whatever show you have specified from the RSS feed.

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