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Bring out the Fail Whale

Ah crap. Too much tinkering. I have broken the photos section and wont be able to fix it for a while. Hopefully it will return bigger and better than ever.

Photo section fixed! Kind of.

Thanks to James McNeil who posted a fix to the drupal picasa module problems, over at the drupal Pucasa pages. The photo section is up and running again. There has been a little change though, when you click trough from the photos page you will get an automated slideshow! How cool is that!

So thanks again James.

Problem with photo section.

Google have changed their API on the Picasa system. So the photo section is slightly broken. You may have noticed that all the thumbnails have shrunk. I've been in contact with the creators of the Drupal Picasa Module and they have assured me they will look into it. But in the meanwhile here is the link to my picasa web albums.


Ok you may have noticed I've gone back to the old theme. This was due to some incompatibilities between the Picasa photos and the old themes CSS. If you viewed a photo at its largest size all the menus ended up underneath it! So here we are back with the old dark theme, and I'm loving it. I've tweaked the menus too. The music side of the site now only shows music related menus, and likewise with the photo section. This Drupal is completely configurable! Next step is to revamp the music section.

New! Photo Section using Picasa Drupal module

Just found a drupal module for Google's Picasa photo sharing site. It integrates he web albums I have stored there into my own peronal site! Woo! Thats some good integration going on there! I was using flikr, but they have annoyed me by crippling the sevice if you dont sign up for a paid for pro account. So I'm deleting my flikr account and moving to Picasa. I'll probably do a full write up about my experiences between the two later.

Anyway the Photo albums can be found here.

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