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New! Photo Section using Picasa Drupal module

Just found a drupal module for Google's Picasa photo sharing site. It integrates he web albums I have stored there into my own peronal site! Woo! Thats some good integration going on there! I was using flikr, but they have annoyed me by crippling the sevice if you dont sign up for a paid for pro account. So I'm deleting my flikr account and moving to Picasa. I'll probably do a full write up about my experiences between the two later.

Anyway the Photo albums can be found here.


Guess the Picasa integration

Guess the Picasa integration didn't go well? ;) Interested just because I was trying to do the same worked better for you?

It went fine for a while.

It went fine for a while. Then I tried to update it and didn't like the implementation. Flickr is useful, but all my pics are still stored on Picasa. At some point I will upgrade to Drupal 6 the photo section will probably re-apear then.

very useful post. Thank you.

very useful post. Thank you. Good luck

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