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The Old Whores Of San Pedro - The Final Gig

Last month my band The Old Whores Of San Pedro played our farewell gig at The Plug in Sheffield. The Gig Was recorded and is presented here, in it's entirety, for your listening pleasure.

The Old Whores Of San Pedro - The Final Gig (Plug 9-7-2011) by Greg McMullin

Orbital at The O2 Academy Sheffield 23/9/09

Orbital @ Sheffield O2 Academy 23-9-09-4

I had a near religious experience on Wednesday night. Orbital have reformed and they were in town, so I hooked up with my old buddy Tony and hit the town running(on the spot). The gig was awesome! The O2 in Sheffield has a fantastic sound system. I didn't take my DSLR with me as I was intending to get wasted and dance like a loon. My iPhone was with me though and I started playing around with the quadcamera app. The results surprised me, they don't look half bad.

Also, if anyone wants to hear just how good Orbital sounded, Tony bought a USB wristband at the gig that had the show recorded onto it! Modern technology eh! Anyway the gig in its amazingly awesome entirety is available here.

New Old Whores Of San Pedro Website.

I've been busy this week developing the website for The Old Whores of San Pedro. I've used Joomla as the CMS as I wanted to try something new. I'm quite pleased with the result. You can see it here:

The Old Whores Of San Pedro.

The Old whores Of San Pedro - Locate The Pin/The Right Money (Single)

Here it is! The long awaited second single from The Old Whores Of San Pedro. The band slaved away all last Friday with Dave our producer and came up with these gems. Please, enjoy.

Bridges Over The Thames - The Old Whores of San Pedro

Last weekend my band, The Old Whores of San Pedro went into the studio and cut our first single. Its not available to buy anywhere yet. But you can hear it in it's entirety below.

Another Old Whores Demo!

The Old Whores Of San PedroBeating Like A Drum (Manfactura Mix)

Big thanks to Nishal for sorting this out! The Story of how we recorded it is all documented on Nishal's website.

Moral Panic Photos Up.

Well the photos from Moral panic are up! Sorry it took over a week for me to get my arse in gear and sort them out. It was a cracker of a day. Check out the Threadbare Collective's website for more details of the bands who played that day, including The Rocky Nest, The Glockenspiel Alliance and of course The Old Whores Of San Pedro. A big thanks to Rob "The Birdman" Peacock who organised the day, and handed me the King of Diamonds so I could exchange it for a pint.

The Old Whores of San Pedro @ Moral Panic

Last night the Old Whores played a storming headline set at Sheffield's Moral Panic Festival. It was a great day. Photos and more to come once I have got home.

The Long awaited Old Whores Demo

I finally got my hands on the Demo that my band, The Old Whores Of San Pedro, cut two weeks ago. I'm pretty pleased with it. However It does feel a little rushed, but thats not surprising considering we managed to get 3 tracks laid down in about 6 hrs.

Anyway you can download the tracks from here should you want to.

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