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You may have noticed that the website has a slightly new look. Gone is the old 2 column layout and in comes a brand spanking new 3 column layout. I've been wanting to do it for years but never had the skills to do it. That all changed when I spotted this on the drupal page for the theme I use.

This third column has allowed me to add a nice little flickr widget which you can see over there on the right. I have also tweaked the CSS of the site so the twitter updates look nice and are all spaced correctly.

The final tweak was to the contact page. I used to have a contact form but it got spammed horribly and I tooki to down. Today I reinstated it but with a reCAPTCHA, so now any spambots should be foiled. To do this I used the Drupal modules Contact Forms and reCAPCHA. A big thanks to Erin Clerico who posted how to do this on their blog.

Now. Go send me an email.


Ok you may have noticed I've gone back to the old theme. This was due to some incompatibilities between the Picasa photos and the old themes CSS. If you viewed a photo at its largest size all the menus ended up underneath it! So here we are back with the old dark theme, and I'm loving it. I've tweaked the menus too. The music side of the site now only shows music related menus, and likewise with the photo section. This Drupal is completely configurable! Next step is to revamp the music section.

Another Theme Change!

The last theme was perfect colour wise. But I didnt have much real estate on the screen. Now with this theme I have more real estate but not the colours I want.


Im gonna have to learn a bit more CSS. Hopefully I will be able to tweak the colours I want.

CSS Tweakery

Just put the finishing touches to the Drupal theme. Got my hands dirty by getting into the CSS style sheet and changing the colours of the fonts. I'm feeling a lot happier about the site now. Ive finaly settled in. The ubiquitous  3D Che  has joined me too.  Now  all that is needed is  a little more content. And some juicy external links.


So I found a theme. What do you think? I'm liking dark it works for me. Theres a few tweaks to do here and there, need a logo but apart from that its all good.


So I'm now discovering that Drupal, though a cracking content manager. Is severely lacking on the theme front. Hopefully I'll find a good one. Doesnt look like many people are moved to design one.

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