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When the going gets tough the tough outsource!

How annoying are spam comments? How annoying is it that if I set the drupal commenting system to moderate all comments there's no option for it to email me when I get a new one? How annoying is it to have to log in and screen my comments each week? How annoying is it when I forget to do that and discover an important comment has got missed?

Ok it's not really all that annoying. This isn't what you would call a high traffic blog.

I found a nifty solution though. Outsource your comments to Disqus. They will look after it all for you and provide a foolproof user friendly interface! They also provide MANY different ways of logging in you can connect with facebook, twitter open ID and even Yahoo!! Most importantly you can be emailed whenever you get a comment, which is important for me. I discovered them when I was setting up my 365 blog and when I discovered there was a third party drupal module for it I thought I would give it a go.

Install was plain sailing, but then I realised I still had all the comments on the old system. So I started looking for an import solution. This method by Daniel Maclaren looked promising so I gave it a go. I should have read the comments first. As it stands there does not look to be any way of importing drupal comments into Disqus, which is depressing. So the old comments are still visible, but arent merged into Disqus yet.

I am pestering Disqus on twitter so I am hoping they will get back to me and provide some sort of support, but its a free service so I'm not holding my breath. This guy looks like he works for them too so I may as well pester him as well!

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