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Month of October , 2010

Project 365 Day 275: The Local

2-10-10 Another shot with my DIY tilt shift.I cant get that thing off my camera at the moment It just opens a whole new world of imagery to me! This is my local boozer where I spent a good part of last night! Like Thursdays pic I appied some split toning to a Lightroom B&W conversion and it came out slightly sepia. I think it looks vintage.

Project 365 Day 273: Tilt Test Two

As I was back at work today and the weather had improved slightly, I took my DIY Tilt Shift Lens out with me. Its a very different and expressionistic style of photography. Trying to understand the physics of the focal plane intersecting with the sector was bending my head for the best part of the day. On my way home I stopped by the park opposite my flats and took a few shots. This one stood out. It was quite badly overexposed due to the fact I am now shooting manual and kept forgetting that! So I had to rescue it with a B&W conversion and some split toning in Lightroom till it looked good. I am going to enjoy this lens its already got me thinking about taking pictures differently.

Oh I also bought another cheapo lens on ebay last night so I am going to build another! I think a couple of my friends are interested in having one this might end up being a bit of an earner ;)

Project 365 Day 265: Williams Brothers Of Sheffield

22-9-10 I took the wife to the dentists today and parked in side road down Kellham Island way. I hopped out of the car to try and get a macro of a butterfly but it flew away. When I looked up I was confronted with these scene of decay. And there was my shot. I applied a cross processing plugin to try and accentuate the old time feeling.

Project 365 Day 259: He keeps Following Me Around

16-9-10 I was stuck for a shot today. Then I turned around and saw this guy behind me.

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