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Project 365 Day 23: Texture II - Bricks & Mortar

23-01-10 The lemsips are still flowing, my manflu is still debilitating me. Had to call in sick to work today. Still I managed to venture out onto my balcony for a second texture shot. This one had a fair bit of processing. I used Colour Efex Pro, the "Pro Contrast" setting. There were various tweaks to the clarity and the saturation in Lightroom and I used a square crop. I have included the straight out of camera shot as well.

Manual Page Read:
Page 118 - Changing the noise reduction setting.

Images Viewed: I found a new photoblog yesterday. it's quite awesome. Check it out.

Other Inspiration: Its hard to be inspired when you are ill. I have a lot of love for the guy who invented Lemsips though ;)

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