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Getting on the Apple bandwagon.

I thought I would plop down my predictions for Apples big event reveal today. So here ate my top 15 predictions for what is surely to be a most exiting or disappointing presentation.

  1. The iPad/Slate/Tablet/whatever will be released. It will have a 10.1 inch colour screen (NOT AMOLED too expensive).
  2. It will run a version of the iPhone OS with a different interface.
  3. Apple will announce Comic/Magazine/newspaper subscriptions as downloads from iTunes. With a host of famous titles at launch.
  4. The device will come with a 3G connection and will be subsidised by one of the major carriers.
  5. OR the device will have a 3G connection that is restricted in some way. i.e. only iTunes downloads.
  6. The device will primarily be marketed as a ereader that does "so much more"
  7. 16-128Gig of storage.
  8. ARM chip (Maybe of apples own design).
  9. Front facing camera for Video iChat.
  10. There will be at least one feature that will surprise everyone.
  11. Enough RAM to enable backgrounding of apps. This may spread to the iPhone too in a limited fashion.
  12. iPhone OS 4? Im thinking no. They will probably give a sneak peak but this will drop in June with the next gen iPhone 4G.
  13. iLife 10 will be released today.
  14. No new Macbooks today.
  15. Over all It will be a bit disappointing.

Ok i have gone out on enough limbs there. Come back at 8pm and see how wrong I was. Take it away Steve...

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