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How Awesome Are Flickr's Customer Service?

Yesterday was my birthday yay! I asked Chrissie a couple of weeks a go for a Flickr Pro account as my main gift. I already use Flickr and going pro seems like a logical progression. So when I was at work Chrissie tried to upgrade my account by buying a gift account. But something went wrong (probably PEBCAK) and she accidentally signed herself up for a pro account! Now Chrissie is not a big photo taker, so the thought of her with a Flickr Pro account is a little silly.

What was I to do? Flickr's T&C's explicitly state NO REFUNDS! I thought I would be totally out of luck so I created this thread on the Flickr help boards, fully expecting to be told I was on a hiding to nowhere.

The very first response was from Brenda a Flickr user with a spare Pro code! Wow what a gal! I held off from using her code though as I wanted an official response from Flickr as to what their policy is in this situation. Sure enough a few hours later I got a flickrmail from Heather at Flickr customer care:


This is an automatically generated copy of a help case reply:

I would hate for you to have an unhappy birthday.

Here's a code for a year of Pro:


Your fiancée can keep the one she applied to her account.

Oh, and I hope that forum topic title doesn't become an issue.



Wow! I was shocked. That is premium customer care. Hats off to you Flickr you have just made a guy and his fiancee very happy.

So thank you Brenda, you can keep your code but thanks for the gesture. Thank you Heather, you really made my day. And thank you Flickr, if only all Customer Service interactions could be as good.

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