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Project 365 Day 41: The Beauty In Concrete

10-02-10 Have I ever mentioned how much of a fan of brual modernist architecture I am? No? Well I have now. This pic is of one of my favoutite bits of concrete Sheffield. Its the bottom of the ramp that leads to the Atkinson's car park. There are a number of interesting angles on this ramp and I will be posting some more of them in the future. I dont know why I like concrete so much in many ways it can be a blot on the landscape but sometimes it can just be beautiful. This pic was processed only in lightroom its not a HDR but it kind of looks like it. I boosted the black levels in the image and this began to bring out some amazing tones. A little tweak of the saturation and vibrancy and the tones were there in full effect. I hope you like this one as much as I do. Oh wow! I just looked out the window and we have a blizzard! Damn, I have to go to work in that!

Manual Page Read:
Pages 9-11 - Table of contents. (Yes I have decided to start at the begginging, the scattershot approach was getting sketchy).

Images Viewed:
Added a new blog to my RSS reader. BEGINBEING. Which describes itself as "curated inspiration". Could be interesting!

Other Inspiration:
Met with my project supervisor today who helped steer me further down the path to getting my dissertation done. I need to start planning experiments now. It's getting scary.

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