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Project 365 Day 28: Tiny Bubbles [Explored!]

28-01-10 Believe it or not this is practically straight out of the camera. All I did was add a little contrast and sharpen it. What is it though? Well its a bottle of shower gel.For some reason my wife bought me a lot of shower gel for Christmas. She must think I smell. Anyway when I woke up (late) this morning the sun was streaming into my flat again. I noticed the tiny bubbles in the bottle a few weeks ago and I thought it would make for an interesting macro, I grabbed the bottle placed it in the direct sunlight and started shooting through it. About 85 shots later I finally had something usable. Hope you like it!

Manual Page Read:
Page 48 - Shooting with the automatic setting.

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I went to a flickr meetup last night! So I'll be taking a look to see if any photos were posted today. Hi to Nick, Paul, Alicia, Martin, Hugo and all the other people who's names I didn't catch.

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I watched the apple presentation of the iPad last night. Anyone got any thoughts on that? I wasn't impressed.

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