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I have been playing drums for over a decade.Here is a list of all the bands I have played in over the years:

1994-1996 Cycle to Russla
Formed by the Triumvirate of Martin Peter Fyles (vocals & guitar), Steven Philip Riley (bass) and Will Doran (guitar), I joined this band before I actualy knew how to play drums properly. At one practice I even played a bucket. Quite frankly this band was awesome, I was unfortunately replaced only a year into the bands history as I went off to uni in Lancaster. It still hurts. They are still going strong.

1995-1997 4 Super Cars
Formed by Simon Kerrou (now of Saphiel's Fall) and Andy Tant (bass) with the lovely Emma Cooper on vocals. Simon wrote the songs. Me and Andy got drunk lots. Great times. Unfortunately I left university and never saw them again. I kinda regret that.

1995 Dog In The Boot
Played covers. Did a few gigs. Basically talentless. I was wasting my time with them.

1996-1998 The Folkin' Eejits
What can I say about this band. Insane. The three front men regularly stripped off on stage. Not what you want when trying to lay down a funky back beat. Imagine the Pouges with less talent and bigger bar bill. Folk Punk.

1996-1999 Sparkler
I had high hopes for this band. Mark Estall wrote the songs. Tony Walton played lead guitar. Dan Clutton Played bass. I really did think that they had what it took. So after uni I moved down to Chester to continue the rock attack. But a combination of lack of funds, and lack of ambition led to the downfall. When the van got nicked from outside the house well that was the final nail in the bands coffin. Dan went to China to teach English. Mark went to London and as far as I know still makes music. Tony moved into more progressive electronic areas, and continues to be one of the country's biggest Nirvana fans. And I said screw this I'm going to go see the world.

1999-2000 The Animal Orchestra
We never gigged. But MAN! Our practices were amazing. I had to leave them, I got wanderlust and went to Thailand.

2001-2002 Crap Covers Band
To keep my arms in, I joined a crap covers band. I don't want to talk about it.

2006-Present The Old Whores Of San Pedro
My return to the drum stool after 4 years of absence was a surprise even to me. I was dragged out of retirement by the amazing songwriting of Sam Dawson. He had managed to cobble together a rag tag band of musicians, Including Steven Philip Riley on lead guitar, Pete Scotcher on Bass, and the combined vocal talent of Sam and Welsh Mike. I've got high hopes for these guys. The few gigs we have done so far have felt really good, and as soon as I move over to sheffield we can hit it hard.

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