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Month of December , 2009

I'm starting a 365 project.

What the fudge is a 365? I hear you scream! Well a 365 project is when you take a photo a day for a whole year and post them on-line. There are a number of different types of 365 project, some are concerned with taking a self portrait every day, others demand you must take a picture of the same object every day but in a different setting. Both of these have their merits but I don't think I am vein enough to want to post pictures of myself! Instead I'll be posting photographs of whatever catches my eye on that particular day.

I'll be starting my project on 1st of January and I'll be posting the photos on flickr and on my new 365 photoblog which can be found at:

Many 365 projects also include other daily tasks. Such as reading a page from your cameras manual each day and checking out other sources of photographs. I will try and incorporate both these into my project but I will also try to include other sources of inspiration which will no doubt present themselves.

I wont be neglecting this blog though, any pics that I feel are super-awesome I will no doubt cross post to here but the majority of my photos will be posted over at the Greg365 site.

I hope you will join me in this project and get involved by leaving some comments be they good or bad! Wish me luck!

Let it snow.

My beautiful wife enjoying the snowfall on Saturday night outside The Washington Pub. Taken with my iphone and processed using The Best Camera app.

Lomo Phil

I have realised that the iPhone may have a crappy camera, but so did the Lomo and the Holga and they can take some amazing photos. So Inspired by I'm gonna try and use some of the available iphone photography apps to do some lomography.

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