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Month of September , 2009

Orbital at The O2 Academy Sheffield 23/9/09

Orbital @ Sheffield O2 Academy 23-9-09-4

I had a near religious experience on Wednesday night. Orbital have reformed and they were in town, so I hooked up with my old buddy Tony and hit the town running(on the spot). The gig was awesome! The O2 in Sheffield has a fantastic sound system. I didn't take my DSLR with me as I was intending to get wasted and dance like a loon. My iPhone was with me though and I started playing around with the quadcamera app. The results surprised me, they don't look half bad.

Also, if anyone wants to hear just how good Orbital sounded, Tony bought a USB wristband at the gig that had the show recorded onto it! Modern technology eh! Anyway the gig in its amazingly awesome entirety is available here.

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