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How I lost 50lbs (With minimal exercise) [105lbs now...]

I just sent this in an email to a friend of mine. Thought I would post it up here too as it is good info for anyone trying to hack their body.

I have followed 2 diets. The first one was called 'the slow carb diet' and is a bit of a fad diet by a guy called Tim Ferris. This diet is a pretty good one but is quite restrictive with what you can eat. Basically you drop out all carbs from your diet apart from ones you can get from veggies and beans/legumes. You also have to quit dairy, which led me to give up on it as I am a cheese hound. I lost 30lbs on this diet so it definitely works if you stick to it. Plenty of info about it on the web: (Read this first!)

Best thing about this diet is you get a planned weekly cheat day which you can go carb mad on if you need to!

Now... My current (controversial) diet. I am doing something called a ketogenic diet. Which puts your body into a ketogenic state. Basically your body ceases to use carbs for fuel and breaks down your bodyfat into ketones. These ketones are used for fuel instead. Its controversial as it is a Very low carb but HIGH FAT diet. Similar to Atkins, there is SCIENCE to back it up though. Anyway I am pairing this with a paleo way of thinking. Where I eat like a caveman! Read lots of red meat and saturated fats, because thats what our bodys evolved to eat. This diet goes against most recieved nutritional wisdom but it is a proven way to hack your body into losing fat. Here is some reading material on it to get you started:

Keto: - A good introduction to the science. - the reddit r/keto FAQ, a valuable support community.


The best thing I did on this journey though was to create an account at My Fitness Pal.

This site is brilliant as it allows you to log your food intake and really discover what you are eating. I have tried to keep to the metrics it sets and i have had great results. 54lbs gone. 30 whilst on slow carb (in 3 months) and 24 so far on the keto diet. Here is a graph of my weightloss against time:

Best of luck!


I am not a nutritionist. These methods worked for me but your mileage may vary.

UPDATE: 19-11-2012

90lbs lost now. Still following the keto/paleo route. I am now fairly convinced that most of my weight loss was down to maintaining a calorific deficit. The food choices of keto/paleo definately allow you to do this a lot easier though!

UPDATE II: 4/10/13 - Sitting at 105lbs lost now. Still keep an eye on what I eat with MFP but have been cheating a fair bit recently. I try to stay low carb/calorie Sunday-Friday and only give in to temptation on the weekends though!

I've gone from an XXL Shirt to a Small! Sat here in 32" waist jeans. Struggled to get into 46" before.

Eat more fat!

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