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The Old whores Of San Pedro - Locate The Pin/The Right Money (Single)

Here it is! The long awaited second single from The Old Whores Of San Pedro. The band slaved away all last Friday with Dave our producer and came up with these gems. Please, enjoy.

Bridges Over The Thames - The Old Whores of San Pedro

Last weekend my band, The Old Whores of San Pedro went into the studio and cut our first single. Its not available to buy anywhere yet. But you can hear it in it's entirety below.

HOW TO: Watch Sopcast through Orb on your iPhone or iPod Touch

This is just a quick tutorial about setting up sopcast to work over orb. Once you have done that you will be able to set up your iPhone to watch sopcast on the go!

Things you will need:


An iPhone or iPod Touch running firmware 2.0 or higher.
A PC running Orb
The Orblive app for the iPhone/iTouch.

Setting Up the PC side:

Install sopcast on your PC.

You will then need to set up orb on your PC. Orb is a fantastic application that allows you to stream your media from your home PC to any other PC on the internet including live TV! I wont go into the details of how to set orb up here you can find all that on orb's website. You basically sign up for an account, and download the orb server to your PC.

Once you have both sopcast and orb set up on your PC you need to add sopcast's local stream address to orb.

Go to your orb account on the web at log in with your orb ID and password and go to settings in the top right hand corner.

Then from the settings menu click on the dropdown box in the top left corner:

Select "TV/Webcams" then "Devices"

Now where it says "add an internet webcam" put

Name: Sopcast

***UPDATE 28/7/10***
Apparently you now have to use:

Name: Sopcast

And then click "add"

Launch sopcast on your PC and choose a channel.

Your PC is now set up to stream sopcast to orb and thus any PC on the internet. The hard bit is now done. You just need to set up your iPhone/iTouch to access it.

Setting up the iPhone:

Grab the orblive app from the appstore. Once you have downloaded and installed it run it.

Enter your orb ID and password in the settings section. The app will then log you into orb. Then
if you then tap on the "webcams" section.

You should see an icon named "sopcast".

Now click on the sopcast icon, within a few seconds you should be watching sopcast.

Right now the orblive app only works over wifi. There is a way around this if you have a jailbroken iphone. But that is another how to...

There is a new version of orblive in the appstore which allows you to stream media over 3G and EDGE. Finally you can watch TV at the bus stop!

Calendar page added

I've been using google calendar for a while now but I had not really taken a look into the calendar sharing aspect of it. However I now have. So you should be able to open this page and view my availability!

Another Old Whores Demo!

The Old Whores Of San PedroBeating Like A Drum (Manfactura Mix)

Big thanks to Nishal for sorting this out! The Story of how we recorded it is all documented on Nishal's website.

Photo section fixed! Kind of.

Thanks to James McNeil who posted a fix to the drupal picasa module problems, over at the drupal Pucasa pages. The photo section is up and running again. There has been a little change though, when you click trough from the photos page you will get an automated slideshow! How cool is that!

So thanks again James.

Problem with photo section.

Google have changed their API on the Picasa system. So the photo section is slightly broken. You may have noticed that all the thumbnails have shrunk. I've been in contact with the creators of the Drupal Picasa Module and they have assured me they will look into it. But in the meanwhile here is the link to my picasa web albums.

Moral Panic Photos Up.

Well the photos from Moral panic are up! Sorry it took over a week for me to get my arse in gear and sort them out. It was a cracker of a day. Check out the Threadbare Collective's website for more details of the bands who played that day, including The Rocky Nest, The Glockenspiel Alliance and of course The Old Whores Of San Pedro. A big thanks to Rob "The Birdman" Peacock who organised the day, and handed me the King of Diamonds so I could exchange it for a pint.

The Old Whores of San Pedro @ Moral Panic

Last night the Old Whores played a storming headline set at Sheffield's Moral Panic Festival. It was a great day. Photos and more to come once I have got home.

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