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Project 365 Day 82: Call Of The Wild [explored!]

23-03-10 So my journey into strobism continues. This shot had me really scratching my head I knew what I wanted to achieve but I wasn't sure how to but after playing around with the lighting and a little bit of post production I was happy with the result.

YN-460 II @ 1/2 power | Amber Gel | beneath the table shooing at the rear wall
YN-460 II @ 1/2 power | Red Gel | Camera Right aimed at ceiling
ISO 100 | 1/160 | f8 | 50mm
Triggered by Cactus v4s

I was very happy with the colours the strobes had created but the elephant wasn't in shadow enough so I boosted the black levels in Lightroom which gave me a crisp silhouette, then reduced the saturation till I had the colours back. This strobist thing is fun! It also means I can shoot whenever I like and not have to worry about the light. Not sure this lens has been at f8 before!

Manual Page Read:
Page 69-70 - LCD Monitor (Recording Information Display)

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This shot was inspired by .:shk:.'s shot from last night.

Other Inspiration:
Again today I had an idea for a shot and then went and took it. I usually stumble across what I photograph. This 365 is pushing me in the right direction I feel.

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