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Project 365 Day 42: Silver Balls of Bokeh [Explored!]

11-02-10 Today was another day where I had to force myself to go and take pictures. Really didn't feel like shooting today, but I got out and walked around my local area looking for something to shoot. I found this. Its part of a wall/sculpture on Devonshire Green in Sheffield. I got a few strange looks when I was taking it but I'm getting use to that now. It's processed with one of the amazing cross processing presets in Colour Efex Pro and sharpened.

Manual Page Read:
Page 13 - Checking the accessories supplied.

Images Viewed:
The Digital Silver Imaging blog have an interesting insight into a Pulitzer prize-winning photo that almost never got taken. I added their RSS feed to my reader too.

Other Inspiration:
Thomas gives five amazing tips as to how to become a pro photographer. Everyone NEEDS to read this. It's a great insight. His work is so subtle.

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