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Project 365 Day 18: High Dynamic Carpark [Explored!]

Not sure why I didn't cross post this earlier. This shot is by far my most popular 365 photo on flickr so far.

18-01-10 I got 82% in my exam! Which was rather unexpected. I went into the room feeling the worst I have ever felt about an exam and came out of the room feeling the best I have ever felt about an exam! Happy days! Todays photo is of the Cheese-Grater Carpark in Sheffield. Its a bit of a photographic cliché around these parts, as you can see, but as I walked past it today It was bathed in lovely sunlight so I thought I would get a shot. I used this single image HDR technique to process it but I skipped the final two steps as I liked it in colour.

Manual Page Read:
Page 85 - Using brightness compensation for the entire image (exposure compensation)

Images Viewed:
On my way home from the exam I finally made it to the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition at The Graves Gallery. I am so glad I did, lots of inspiration there.

Other Inspiration:
I have been listening to Kraftwerk and Fella Kuti all morning. Thats inspiration enough.

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