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Project 365 Day 15: Drops II - Electric Boogaloo

15-01-10 It's raining out there. Rain really sucks. I was woken up by the drops hitting the window at about 6am but the sheer drepessingness (is that even a word) of it all made me turn right back over and sleep I eventually got up at 9am, mad at myself for not getting up early. The upside of this rain is that my balcony door window is covered in tiny little beads of water and thats what I set out to capture today. The shot above was processed entirely in Lightroom. All I did was do some split toning of the highlights to give the image a bluish tinge. I was also pretty heavy handed on the clarity slider. Hope you like it as much as my last water drops image.

Manual Page Read:
Page 97 - Selecting the drive mode.

Images Viewed: Petapixel had an interview with a guy called David Baker yesterday. I checked out his site and was very impressed.

Other Inspiration: My good friend Pete is leaving town today. Very sad. Pete is partially responsible to my renewed interest in photography. He came round last night and we sat and geeked out about cameras and film for a couple of hours. See ya Pete! Don't be a stranger...

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