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Project 365 Day 14: Focus

After yesterdays lack of inspiration came a flood of new ideas! Well more of a trickle really. Today's shot was inspired this picture which posted on Reddit yesterday so I can not take responsibility for the Idea. I picked up my camera manual this morning to read my daily page and my eyes fell upon the above sentence. You know in cartoons when a light-bulb suddenly appears above the head of the protagonist? Ding! Anyway I clicked on the macro lens and snapped a few frames off. Processing wise I ended up using Silver Efex Pro to convert to black and white with a +1ev bias. Then I messed with the curves, added a slight graduated filter to the bottom of the image and gave it a vignette in Lightroom. I'm quite pleased how it turned out.

Manual Page Read: Page 57 - Shooting with the program Auto (Obviously!)

Images Viewed: Thanks to strobist for introducing me to the work of Kevin Cooley. .

Other Inspiration: Getting up early! I've got up at 7:30am (early for me!) two days straight. It leaves me time to Study, put effort into the 365 and be able to get to work and train staff.

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