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Shot on Fuji Neopan ISO1600 Film using a Minolta 3xi SLR.

Duncan is one of my oldest and most trusted friends. He was my best man at my English wedding and graciously came over to Kenya to celebrate our Kenyan wedding with us.

Project 365 Day 365: One Minute To Midnight (The End)

31-12-10 And so the project comes to an end. I decided to finish on this, the sister image to the first image of my project. The difference between them is that I now understand exactly how to get the shot I wanted. On day one I took 30 images trying to get the exposure correct. This time I took 3 to nail it. That's a 100% improvement! Isn't it? There are too many positives to list about this project and the negatives are just to pointless to mention. I wish the best of luck to anyone setting out on a 365 in 2011.

Now the thanks...

Thanks to everyone who ever commented on any of my pictures on my blog or on flickr, you guys kept me going.

Thanks to my friends and family who put up with me carrying my entire camera collection everywhere!

Finally thanks to all photographers I have met and received inspiration from, both in real life and online.

Anyway that's me done. I hope you will take a look at the photoset of all my 365 images and let me know which one was your favourite.

Again. Thank you all.

Project 365 Day 362: Rain On Leaf

28-12-10 After our game drive we travelled back down the valley to Nyeri to stay in Outspan Hotel. Outspan is an old colonial lodge and is frankly amazing! Opulent 1920 style luxury in every 28-12-10 room. That afternoon we had a heavy rainstorm. The heavens opened. The next morning I found this leaf that still had the remnants of the previous days deluge on it.

Project 365 Day 360: Tusks

26-12-10 After the festivities of Christmas we hit the road again. Traveling first to Outspan, the colonial home of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, then onto the famous Treetops Lodge. Treetops was amazing. A 50 strong herd of Elephants visited us in the night along with Hyena, Warthog and Buffalo. This picture was taken of a lone matriarch Elephant who arrived at Treetops just about the same time we did!

Project 365 Day 358: BEWARE! Dangerous Edges!

24-12-10 We spent a fair bit of time on the road between Embu and Nairobi. Its being completely rebuilt by the chinese government and it is in a terrible state. Roadworks in Kenya are like nothing you have ever seen. Traffic in Kenya is very very aggressive and thus its an all out free for all on the roads! Luckily we were travelling in a bus and size usually wins. These little signs would crop up along the roadworks. Hand painted, I get the feeling there were only put in place after several vehicles had gone over!

Blossom in the pool

Blossom in the pool

Project 365 Day 355: Go On, Dive In.

21-12-10 This day was spent in full relaxation mode in a beachside bar on Diani Beach. Many things passed in front of the lens that day. This capture stood out as representing the day.

Nairobi Giraffe Centre

After our night flight we arrived in Nairobi tired and emotional. Of course what I needed was to go and bother some indigenous wildlife. So off to the Nairobi Giraffe Centre we all went.

Project 365 Day 334: Snow Joke

30-11-10 There was no way I was going to be traipsing around today to find a picture to post. I have been ill all day and have felt a lot better. So tonight's shot is a representation of the "blizzard" worrying South Yorkshire tonight.

A misty night in Sheffield [Explored!]

A shot from last night. The mist was descending...

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